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At Flohr Asset Management, we believe the most valuable assets to successful investing are opportunity and access.That belief is central to our philosophy, and guides us in offering customized, quality and diversified wealth-management solutions to complement our clients’ financial strategies. You can read more about us here or read our blog, below:

May 10, 2018

Jeff Flohr

How advocating the Devil's position helps investors....

October 5, 2016

Jeff Flohr

It's important to wade through the market noise and find the right investment opportunity....

June 6, 2016

Jeff Flohr

A post offering summer 2016 reading recommendations and insights around investment strategies....

August 26, 2015

Jeff Flohr

The past couple of trading days have caused even the most sanguine investor to sit up and pay attention....

July 27, 2015

Jeff Flohr

Remember the mythology of Sisyphus? For those of us who weren't paying attention that day in school, here's a quick refresher: In short, our boy Sisyphus wasn't a very nice guy, committing all sorts of transgressions too long to list here....

April 15, 2015

Jeff Flohr

First, the most notable observation around the first quarter 2015 is asset price. They are, with limited exceptions – at an all-time high[1]. Stocks, bonds, and institutional real estate holdings are all – to bastardize a line from the classic Rob Reiner film This is Spinal Tap – cranked .......

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